22nd June 2018
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Branded Photo Shoot with Norm Shafer

More Process Brainstorming for the 2014 Branded Photo Shoot

Process is important right? Since we’ll be following the inner workings of a branded photo shoot in our DMCI Photo Tech project. We thought we’d share some of the planning process! Here’s the first few steps in the process of planning the next branded photo shoot.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 3.24.24 PM
Step 1. Recruit!

This year we created a webpage for students to submit an model application. We pushed out that application via social media and few old fashioned flyers. With one push on social media we had over applicants!

Branded Shoot Process
Step 2. Sort!

Who’s got great minds, and interesting stories? What students are involved on campus and make good stewards? Who’s going to be comfortable in front of a camera? Who’s class schedules fit with the shooting schedule? Do we have enough diversity? These are all the things we need to keep in mind when pulling out applicants.

Step 3. Meet!

After reviewing the applicants, the pool was narrowed down to 11 students. Members from University Relations met during a working lunch to get to know the potential models, and make selections. Present at the meeting was:
Photographer, Norm Shafer
Marketing director, Malcolm Holmes
Vice President for University Relations, Anna Billingsley
Branding Coordinator, AJ Newel,
Assistant Director of Design Services, Maria Schultz
Graphic Designer, Amy Alexander
Production Manager, Kathy Johnson
News and Public Informations Director, Marty Morrison
Videographer, Jason Varga

Step 4. Decide

One of the most time consuming steps is to think about the type of picture we want to compose with each model. Some of the questions we ask ourselves are:

Does this represent our brand and culture?
Where will we take the pictures?
What headlines might work with he images?
Can we properly light the space?
Does this tell an accurate story?
What shouldl the models wear?
What kind of props will we need?

This part of the process takes several weeks, we consult with students, we explore campus and look for new perspectives, we check in with our marketing consultants, EMG, and we think and rethink!

It’s definitely a process! Stay tuned and we’ll share a little more of the planning process as we move along.

A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.

—  Ansel Adams

Planning the Pitch

You know that feeling of harmony when you have all the right people are in the room, and your good ideas suddenly become great ideas? That’s what our first planning meeting felt like – it went from solid ideas to “oh, oh, awesome, I love it, that ties it all together!”

Initially when I was thinking about this project I knew I needed help. Being aware of my own shortcomings as a print designer, and time constraints, I knew I needed backup, but more than that I wanted to learn from my peers, and build new bridges.

Set an example, reach out for help, learn new things, and make something awesome to share.

I’m stoked about our project. We’re going to look at photography and the technology that helps UMW share stories. We are going to explore where all this picture taking came from and why and how we take pictures. Starting things off we’ll look at an old photo of campus, show you how it was probably taken with traditional film. Then reproduce that photo using a state of the art digital SLR. Next we’ll follow a UMW branded photo shoot from start to finish. Here the highlights will be the technology and the process. Lastly we’ll show everyone how to take their camera of auto, and get creative with some short “how to” videos.

– Maria Schultz

Picture Caption: Iced tea, sugar and 4 cameras present for our first planning meeting. Taken with the Nikon AW1.
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